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Hello everyone, as we have this great news that Zack Snyder announced on May 20 Wednesday. That Justice League Snyder Cut will be premiered on the upcoming HBO Max streaming platform. It will be titled as Zack Synder’s Justice League.

Zack snyder's justice league

Snyder cut of the Justice League on HBO Max and it is now official. Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut is coming to HBO max and 2021 next year. This is something that has been demanded by the people for over two and a half years and just on 20 May morning Zack Snyder and his wife did a screening of a Man of Steel. They did a watch party for it and Henry Cavill even joined himself and at the very end they announced that the Snyder cut is coming to HBO max in 2021 and everybody absolutely freaked out.

justice league snyder cut

Right now it’s a little bit unclear of what this could be. It could be a four-hour director’s cut of the Justice League. That Zack Snyder originally shot before Joss Whedon came in or it could be split into six different chapters. All screening on HBO max from what we’ve heard hasn’t exactly been decided yet. But the Snyder’s are now in the midst of reassembling much of their original post-production crew to score cut, add new a finish old visual effects, and maybe even bring back some of the actors to add some additional dialogue.

Here’s what Zack Snyder had to say about the Snyder cut coming to HBO max. It will be an entirely new thing and especially talking to those who have seen the released movie a new experience apart from that movie. He continued to say you probably saw one-fourth of what I did so the version of what we are going to get is going to be completely different than the original Justice League that we saw in theaters. According to Zack Snyder about 3/4 of it is going to be completely new and evidently is going to be nothing like the old film. So this is absolutely incredible news something that we’ve been waiting for for over two and a half years Warner Brothers has finally listened to the fans and are giving us what we want we are officially getting the Snyder cut of the Justice League.

Why Snyder Cut happened?

zack snyder justice league
epa05223775 US film director Zack Snyder attends the New York Premiere of his new film ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ at Radio City Music Hall in New York, New York, USA, 20 March 2016. EPA/PETER FOLEY (**HiRes file purged – Please contact the photo source.**)

Zack Snyder a well-known name from the movies like 300 and Watchmen. He had worked with Christopher Nolan and after Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. The future of the DC Universe was in Zack’s hand. He began his fandom with Man of Steel, showing Superman’s story in a new dark DC way. Being his friend Nolan helped him with this film also. This movie set a new course for DC. Now every fan and DC had a new and bright future.

He came with the idea of expanding DCEU and amazing cast like Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Jason Momoa. After that Snyder came up with Batman vs Superman, which is one of my favorite superhero movies. He introduced two characters in it- Batman and Wonder Women. Soon After that he began with Justice League with a total length of four hours. Snyder had never finished the movie. His daughter died by suicide and Synder left the production to spend time with family.

Warner Bros. hired Joss Whedon who had directed two Avengers film to complete Justice League. What happened next everyone knows, they both had different tastes. Justice League had bright colors and humor in it. Snyder never used this in his film, he knew what DC stands for.

Since the time Justice League floundered fundamentally and industrially in November 2017, fans have been campaigning to see an alternate form of the film under the hashtag #releasetheSnydercut. There was a release of the Snyder Cut petition.

release the snyder cut petition

Director Zack Snyder had assembled an about four-hour adaptation of the film before a family disaster pulled him away from the creation. Snyder gave over control to another director, Joss Whedon, who delivered a pop film that significantly separated from Snyder’s normally gloomier toll.

Fans were so devastated by the movie that they started spamming Warner Bros. social media account. They bought billboards in Times Square and even paid for a plane with the hashtag #releasesnydercut.

Why was I in depression for one day?

Snyder cut justice league

When I first saw the trailer of the Justice League trailer three years ago, I was excited like a baby and thanked the whole universe. For the past few months new tailers and extended trailers keep on coming. Watching Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg together with mind-blowing visual effects I was stunned. I desperately waited for the release of this movie.

I thought that this movie will challenge Marvel studios and will be one of the best movie of DC. Everyone was talking about it be it my friends or movie nerds and next-level hype was created. Till all that time I didn’t know anything about Zack Snyder’s tragedy.

So when the movie came in theatres and I saw the reviews which were not so good. So I thought that that critics should not be trusted because at the time of Batman Vs Superman also. They didn’t appreciate that dark original DC movie. In fact, I am in love with that movie, I found that movie very interesting. So I didn’t believe the critics but one thing that stuck my mind was when I saw running time. 120 minutes, are you kidding me?

Justice League 120 minutes running time, what the hell they are thinking. Even the last movie Batman Vs Superman was 3hrs 3min. And all the other DC movies are like 150 min or more. This thing was very disappointing as I love the movie which goes in-depth and connects it to viewers.

Still being a fan, with all my excitement I went to see the movie and was trying to enjoy every fight scene and storyline. But when it all ended, I was like what is it over. I am tricked or what, it was like one episode of the cartoon justice league. Simple forward story one without any connection to characters and the most disappointment was. Not able to see black superman.

I always thought that this was planned blunder to destroy DCEU. How can someone write and direct such a weak storyline for the DC justice league and spend 3000 million USD? It was a total loss of all that amazing visual effects because of such aimless scenes and weak character build up.

What if Snyder Cut never existed ?

This is a right and sensible question. What if everyone was demanding for Snyder Cut and in reality it never existed. There was a possibility, but Synder also started tweeting and thanking everyone for the support. He also kept on releasing pics and videos from his story.

And then one day he posted a photo of film reels with his name on it and words “Is it real? Does it exist? Of course it does.

jack synder's justice league

Will you see Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s Justice League?

Snyder cut cast

In Justice League 2017 there was not a single mention of Darkseid. He was missing in the story as if he is not a part of it. But Zack Snyder had different plans for Justice League. Which can be seen in Batman vs Superman. Darkseid and his army were mentioned at different times. By Lex Luther phrases or Batman’s dream. It clearly showed Superman turning rogue and earth being destroyed. Flash also appeared warning Bruce about Superman. Such a fantastic collection of events and an excellent storyline was ahead in Snyder mind.

synder cut justice league

Darkseid was always a part of the Justice League and we will definitely see him in Snyder cut Justice League. This role will be played by Ray Porter. Look at his tweet.

Synder cut justice league cast

10 facts you didn’t know about Synder Cut Justice League

Snyder cut justice league

10.) More than 3 hours

Synder Cut of Justice League will be approx 214 minutes long. Which will be more than 3 hours. Excited!, I’m dying for it. Synder has even mentioned that the Assembly Cut will be 5 hours long. This is why the discussion is on with Warner Bros. that it should be released as a movie or limited series.

9.) Aquaman

Next is Aquaman, we would have seen more about and Aquaman and his mythology in Snyder Cut Justice League. The fight sequence between Aquaman, Meera, and Stepehnwolf would have been longer.

zack snyder cut justice league

8.) Flash

We would have also seen more of Flash story in Snyder Cut. Flash’s girlfriend Iris West was also planned to introduce in this movie where Barry saves her life from a car accident. Flash also uses his time travel ability where Cyborg is not able to remove Mother Boxes. Flash with his time travel ability gives him a second chance.

snyder cut justice league

7.) Superman

In Snyder Cut Justice League, Superman after resurrection wears the black suit inspired by the comics. This is also known as the recovery suit of Superman because it absorbs solar energy more efficiently. And we would have seen Superman in his black suit throughout the movie. He would have to earn his classic blue and red suit in Justice League2 or 3.

zack snyder cut justice league

6.) Cyborg

As mentioned that Cyborg is the heart of the Justice League by Zack Snyder. Cyborg and his mother have a car accident, in which his mother dies. Then his father uses Mother Box to save his life which has been seen in Batman vs Superman.

He also tries to protect Mother Box from Steppenwolf in Star Lab in which his father’s dies. This gives him inspiration to fight Steppenwolf’s army. In the end also when he is removing the Mother Box he can see a glimpse of his dead parents.

snyder cut justice league cast

5.) Steppenwolf

In Justice League Steppenwolf is shown as the main villain. But in Snyder Cut we would have seen in a flashback that Steppenwolf is working for Darkseid. And the war shown was fought by Darkseid not Steppenwolf. In Snyder Cut Wonder Woman slashes his head with her sword and it is sent through boom tube to his master Darkseid. Where the audience and Justice League sees Darkseid for the first time.

snyder cut justice league

4.) Batman

In Justice League main and important role was of Batman. Batman brings the idea and team together. But this would have been shown in more detail in Snyder Cut. There was a complete journey and story about how Batman finds Aquaman, but all this was directly cut. Snyder also had a plan that in upcoming Justice League movies Batman will die. And if things would have ended like this then this would be a historic and emotional moment for all the DC fans.

snyder cut justice league

3.) Trimmed Characters

Joss Whedon not only trimmed the scenes but also many character also. Starting with-

  • We would have seen Darkseid’s master torturer Dasaard.
  • DC comic superhero Atom in a minor role.
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Green Lantern
  • Darkseid
snyder justice league

2.) Dream Sequence

The dream sequence from Batman vs Superman was going to play a very important role in DCEU. Actually it is the future of DCEU. This nightmare scene was inspired by Injustice: God Among us.

There was an idea that in Justice League 2 Batman tries to save Lois Lane but Darkseid kills her. After this Superman gets mad at Batman and accuses him of her death. And this is why and how Superman kills Batman. The rest of the superhero sends Flash by his time travel ability to warn Batman which is seen in Batman vs Superman. He tells Bruce that he was always right about Superman and Lois Lane is key.

synder cut justice league

1.) Darkseid

How can we not talk about Darkseid, he is the fate of the Justice League. According to Snyder, Darkseid would have been the main villain of the 2017 Justice League. Due to his evil deed he would have brought Earth to the post-apocalyptic stage by Justice League 2. And in the third part leftover superheroes try to fight Darkseid.

synder cut justice league

As of now all these theories and plans were of Zack Snyder so let’s see what all we see in Snyder Cut. Will Warner Bros. allow him to make the second part also?

My opinion is this that we all know that the Justice League would have been one of the greatest movies of all time. But God has his own plan and all this great idea of Snyder was not executed. So if we want DC to grow and achieve its great height for which it is known in comics, then Warner Bros. should again hand over DC fate in Zack Snyder’s hand.

I hope you liked my content regarding Justice League. So what’s your opinion that Snyder should be bought back to DCEU or not? Comment below.

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